Melissa Krechler

The Negative Mindset Coach

Empowering my clients to face and process their negativity so that they can positively transform their stories!

I wanted to give you a quick little piece of inspiration for your day. Each day the sun rises and shines no matter the weather! You are just as bright as the sun and no matter the darkness you are still going to rise and shine.

My Story

In my 30+ years I have encountered my fair share of negativity, strife and struggles. I have thrived in overcoming the negativity of addiction, narcissism, neglect, abuse, failed relationships, debilitating fear, beliefs of being unworthy,  among many other things.

Throughout it all I was always able to see what those situations, thoughts and feelings were trying to show me, the path to an even stronger, greater, more loving version of me. Because that is what each of us are striving for.

A loving connection to ourselves, a strong connection to others and a life that gives us love, laughter, peace and freedom!

I have been able to create my ideal relationship based on a strong foundation of love, respect, communication and happiness.  We have been together for 12 years!

I have been able to create my ideal business based on what I love the most, what I am most passionate about and gives me the freedom of expression!

I have always been able to create a strong healthy relationship with myself, honoring who I am, what I need and honoring my own beliefs all while facing and processing my own negativity!

My Values & Beliefs

Negativity holds our greatest lessons

The most powerful, influential and inspirational people have all faced and overcome negativity in one form or another. When we can change our mindset to realize that the negativity we face is actually teaching us then we change the perspective of our entire lives.  Reaching for the stars is possible because we are reaching with the knowledge that it is only that, reaching.

We give our power to others to hurt us!

Others have the ability to hurt us only when we let them. While in some cases there are people who are unable to protect themselves the majority of us can create strong, unbreakable foundations within ourselves where no one can hurt us.

Our most valuable relationship is the one we have with our selves!

The relationship we hold with ourselves is the one that determines the majority of our lives. This relationship is the one that we do the most damage in when we feel unworthy of love, power, success and happiness.

My Approach

My approach is to help my clients reconnect to who they truly are and not what they believe the world sees them as. There is more to a person than anyone really knows and many of my clients are unable to fully embrace their truest selves for fear of ridicule, shame or judgment.

Once my client is reconnected to themselves it is vital to help them learn how to heal and remove the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions created by the struggles and trials of their past. These are the things that keep them in a cycle of negativity.

When my clients have healed their mindsets and changed the perception of who they are and what will truly make them happy they are then able to create the freedom they need to change their lives so they no longer feel lost, alone and unhappy but instead feel powerful, confident and free to create love in every aspect of their life!

Perfection is a myth and no matter how great ones life seems on the outside does not mean that life is great on the inside.  Learning to love yourself, your life, your partner freely and without conditions is the key to success!


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Reconnect to the most important relationship of your life, the one with yourself!