My Vision

Everyday I see men and women living lives that they are unhappy in, all because of the beliefs in their mindset.  We create these ideals that our lives have to be a certain way, or we experience trauma, or teachings that tell us we need to be, think or act a certain way.  I am here to debunk the myths, to right the wrongs and to teach the world how to turn the negativity in positive growth.  Life is what we make it so find the strength in the struggles and live a life that you love.

My Story

I spent my life going from one experience to another.  Whether negative or positive they all held valuable lessons for what I wanted my life to be like.  Through being abused, being a prostitute, through failed relationships and family drama, I grew stronger and more loving of myself.  Have I always loved myself, no, but that as well was a lesson.  Have I been taken advantage of when all I wanted to do was help, yes, which is what led me to doing something I absolutely love, while being able to take care of me.

To learn more about my relationship journeys check out my book, On My Way To Us.

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