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The C’s & D’s To Change Your Life!

Each day I see you saying that you want a better life, how you are yearning to learn, to grow, to CHANGE. Here are my C's & D's to CHANGE. COMMITMENT - You must be committed to changing your life! This isn't just saying you are committed but taking the steps that...

Are You Ashamed of Your Feelings?

This is a question I want to bring to light. How many times do you feel ashamed because of the way you feel? This is something so normal and yet so wrong.  We have come to a stage in society where we are shamed for the way we feel, for complaining when we don't like...

Divine Soul Relationships

I quite often hear people ask about Soul Mates and Twin Flames so I thought I would explain the different types of relationships we can have during our time here.  In every one of these types of relationships you can experience trauma, hardships, sorrow and pain.  We...

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