Helping You Shift Your Stories To

Unlock Your Potential

Create Positive Change

You have dreams, goals and wishes that you haven’t realized yet because you’ve been weighed down by all your negative thoughts, beliefs and experiences! It’s time to finally face, process and heal so that you can create the most positive shifts to your stories! What better way to do it than in a group setting!

Lower Investment

Group coaching offers a lower investment than private coaching because it is in a larger setting!

Relationship Building

Group coaching helps you build relationships with the other participants in the group who are in similar situations as you and remove the feeling of being alone!

Different Perspectives

Group coaching brings you different perspectives, insights and questions that you or the coach may not have thought of!


Group coaching makes you feel like you can share your progress and struggles with others and be accountable for the work you are doing!

What Is Group Coaching?
Who is It For?

Group coaching is a similar process to private coaching.  You learn the tools, techniques and steps you need to make the changes in your life that you want to make. Group coaching is different that you get to experience all of it at a lower investment, while still getting all the same teaching but with others who are in a similar situation as you!

Taking Responsibility.

Coaching is for the individual who is ready to take responsibility for where their life is currently and where their life can be if they just accept that it is up to them!

Having An Open Mind.

One of the biggest components of coaching is having an open mind. In order to create change an individual must first believe that change is possible and have the desire to see things in a different perspective!

Daring To Dream.

Having the ability to dream of a better life, a more positive life and knowing that in order to create that better life you need to be willing to dream it. It’s okay if you don’t know what that dream looks like yet as long as you are willing to dare to dream anything is possible

Willing To Do The Work.

You have to be willing to do the work. If you aren’t willing to at times do the deep, dark work to really face and heal your negativity then you aren’t going to see the positive growth and love you are searching for.

Courage To Take Action!

The actions that must be taken to create change can be scary and overwhelming! If you don’t have the courage to take the actions needed to make the changes then no worries, this will also be covered in the coaching!

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Helping women in business who are struggling to take their business to the next level, or truly own and embrace their calling because of the fear, ridicule and shame they believe will happen if they step into their full potential.

It took me two years to fully embrace my own status as The Morticia of Mindset, as the only Negative Mindset Coach in the World. But, the moment that I did it all changed! Everything became easier, my path became more focused, my confidence skyrocketed and I unlocked my truest potential!

About Me

I am the Morticia of Mindset, the only Negative Mindset Coach in the World! It took me years to truly own my title and my purpose as the woman who is going to help others shift their negative stories so that they can create positive growth in their lives, relationship and business.

My struggle has always been that society believes we should be living a life filled with postivity by ignoring the negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and situations we experience. But that is more destructive to the collective.

When you ignore, push aside your negativity to embrace a more positive life you aren’t actually removing the negativity, instead you are masking it.

I am not saying to live a life of negativity because that is just as ridiculous as the positivity movement. What I am sayins is that we need to learn how to face, process and heal negativity.

When you learn how to truly process and heal the negativity in your life you change it, it becomes positive growth, it no longer has a hold on your life or emotions.

When you learn how to process your negativity and shift your stories you become stronger, smarter, more experienced and able to process and remove any negativity in your life for good!

Working with Melissa has been a blessing.  She is welcoming, professional and very open.  She easily identifies what direction you need to be going in with help of spirit.  Truly an amazing coach.  Great for people looking for direction and peace in their lives.”

Quality products/reasonable price – Very knowledgeable – easy to understand – patient – very helpful and if you are looking to find more positivity in your life this is the person you need to connect with.

The inspiration I receive from Melissa every time I listen to her talk has given me the ability to forgive and appreciate the things in my own life I have been given! Keep doing what your doing Melissa because you are making a difference!

Online Coaching Resources

Keeping Families Strong

A do it yourself video series helping families build a strong bond of comminication, stress management and growth during time of stress, overwhelm and changes so that they can make it out the other side stronger, more loving and connected!


The Negative Mindset Community

A safe space for my community of men and women who want to face, process and heal their negative mindsets so that they can shift their perspectives and create positive change in every area od their life.  This Facebook Group will have challenges, trainings and videos dedicated to helping you with stress management, relationship with yourself and others and creating your own positive life!

Face Your Negativity. Shift Your Story. Connect To Yourself. Create Your Positive Dreams.

Lasting change in any area of your life comes when you are willing to face , process and heal your negativity. This allows you to shift your stories from negative to positive and grow into the most beautiful version of yourself.

My group coaching programs will focus on helping you do just that while also embracing who you are in your life, relationships and business. There is no reason not to learn and grow to create the most beautiful adventures, outcomes and experiences as only you can!