On My Way To Us

I am a firm believer of love at first sight, of soulmates and twin flames. I am also a firm believer in life lessons and that the most negative experiences we face, including failed relationships teach us valuable lessons for the most positive growth and transformation.

In On My Way To Us, I write about my most influential past relationships, the good, the bad, the lessons and how I used all of it to learn, grow and create the space I needed to call in my own Twin Flame relationship.

No relationship is perfect and many of them face struggles of their own, mine is no different.  We argue, we disagree, we love and we struggle but always we put the love we have for each other before anything else that comes our way.

We are currently celebrating 10 years of marriage and I can't wait for the next 10.

So, if you are wanting to learn how you too can look back at each of your past relationships, lessons you've seen with others, and the beliefs you've been taught so that you can create space for your ideal partner, click the link below and get your copy of On My Way To Us.

On My Way To Us

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"This is a real break through book on dating, relationships and love! Melissa is real, raw, and brutally honest in such a way as to educate, inspire and guide us. Shock value aside, Melissa digs deep and offers us all hope and more importantly a road map to manifesting the man of our dreams without sacrificing who we are and what we want. Women you must read this if you are looking to finally live your happily ever after!"

Kellie-Ann Briand

Stay Tuned For The Next installment of the On My Way series... coming soon.