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I am not always going to be the best fit for everyone, so I made the decision to offer anyone looking through my website the opportunity to research their options. In this space you will find various Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, Psychics, Mediums, etc., that are available to you.

What You Can Expect

Below you will find a photo, link, bio, etc., of the special men and women I have partnered with to make sure that you find the help that you need. Each link will take you to a space where you can learn more about each person's specialty, style and how you can connect with them.

How To Choose A Coach, Psychic, Etc.

To help you find the right person for you, I have created a guide to help you choose.  Make an informed decision on the personal you are allowing to help you heal, grow and expand on your own journey through life.

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Meet the Members of the Directory

These people are cream of the crop, exceptional experts in their individual fields.  Make sure that you take full advantage on your search of their free offers, email newsletters, videos and promotions.

Kellie-Ann Briand

Business Coach

I am a top business coach and strategist who consistently doubles her income by doing things simply! I have had a strong corporate career as a marketing exec and I started and grew two online businesses, as well as a brand dedicated to helping women start online businesses from scratch!

If you dream of something bigger, have a high-earner mentality and a passion that just won’t quit…message me and let’s figure out how to turn that seeding of a business idea into a money making machine!

Stephanie Davidson

Animal Communicator

I’ve been an active animal communicator since 2017, and I found my specialty in helping rescued animals release the stress of their past so they can settle in to the love and comfort of their new homes after a life-changing week of sessions with a special little dog in Chicago named Elsa.

Animals try and communicate with us every day, and it is my pleasure and privilege to connect you with your pets. I offer standalone communication sessions, mediumship readings with animals in spirit, animal EFT tapping sessions for stress and anxiety management, and card readings on your animal’s behalf.

Lee Shanks

Certified Psychic Medium

Connected to Spirit since I was a child, it is only in the last few years that I explored and expanded my abilities and began offering readings to people outside of family and friends.

I now offer evidentiary mediumship to clients from around the world, bringing through loved ones with messages of love and support - and occasionally, a kick in the pants!

I also offer insight into life's challenges and those fork-in-the-road occasions, providing guidance using psychic ability and use of Tarot or Oracle cards.

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Veronique Ficheux

Coach and Healer

I left the financial industry nearly 20 years ago to focus on supporting people. I am passionate about helping people resolve stressful situations which hold them back.

Whether it’s burn out, fears and phobia, childhood traumas, addictions and anxiety, or simply a loss of enthusiasm, the biggest hurdles people face are their beliefs about themselves. I offer online and in person sessions & retreats in Beautiful Bali.

Tamara Palmer

Certified Psychic Medium

Since I was a young child, I have had the ability to connect to Spirit. At the age of 16 I was told I was healer, and that I was here to help others.

I offer psychic readings using such tools as oracle and tarot decks, pendulum, runes and more.

My biggest gift as a certified medium is my authentic delivery of evidentiary messages. My readings all come from a place of love and light and I feel blessed to serve Spirit.