Here you will find all the amazing courses, programs, worksheets, guides, information packages, etc. available to you.  Some are free, some are paid and some are free with an email subscription.

Spiritually Aligned Mindset Blog

Let me introduce you to my blog.  It contains many valuable posts on blame, victim mentality, our shadow sides and so much more.  For all things Spiritual and Mindset check it out.

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Spiritually Aligned Mindset Podcast

Are you busy and on the go, maybe you don't like to waste your time reading content.  Get the same level of knowledge, understanding and value from the Spiritually Aligned Podcast.  Topics are of course centered around Spiritual and Mindset.  This podcast is raw, real and rarely edited for your listening pleasure.

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You can find the podcast on most hosting platforms by typing in Spiritually Aligned Mindset into your search section.

Spiritually Aligned Mindset Facebook Group

Do you like being in a community with like minded individuals?  A place for you to learn, ask questions, make connections?  Most importantly a place to feel safe, connected and understood without judgment or fear.

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My 7 Mindset Pillars

I created the 7 Mindset Pillars while writing my book On My Way To Us.  They are Self, Spirituality, Romance, Family, Friends, Career and Finances, the 7 most important areas of our lives. The 7 Mindset Pillars are filled with belief systems. These beliefs are created when we are children and young adults, experiencing life events, watching and learning from our peers, family, teachers, etc.  We carry these beliefs into our adult lives and base all of our decisions on them.  It really is true when I say our emotions create our reality and our mindset creates our emotions.

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Living Your Dream Life Now

Just like the title says, living your dream life now.  It's so common for us to do everything possible to create the life of our dreams.  But, what if you are trying to create that life and things just don't happen?  What happens when you create your dream life but you still aren't happy?  Join me for the Get Out Mastermind and let me help you get out of the way of your dreams to start living your dream life now!

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2019 Event Calendar

Want to know what's happening with the energy this month, next month or the month after?  Sign up for my email newsletter and receive your copy of the 2019 Event Calendar with the retrogrades, Wheel of the Year dates, New Moons, Full Moons and all their meaning today.

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7 Spiritual Practices for your Energy

In this worksheet you will gain insight into the 7 Spiritual Practices I use and recommend to my clients for energy health.

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7 Damaging Relationship Issues

Would you like to learn about the 7 most common ways we negatively impact our relationships.  This guide is not only for romantic relationships but also work, family and friends.

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How To Create Healthy Relationships

In this course we go into more detail on the 7 ways you may be destroying your relationships, common relationship issues and how to create healthy and happy relationships in all of the 7 Mindset Pillars.

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