Life Coaching

I have always been the one that people came to when they needed to talk, work out their struggles or just to vent. Today I offer those services and so much more to my clients. Life Coaching gives me the ability to help others create happy, healthy, free lives without worrying about life's everyday struggles.  Learn how to free yourself from traumas of the past, the limiting beliefs of today and the fear of the future.

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Couples Coaching

One of my favorite songs is "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes. I love how it talks about wanting a crazy love. I am lucky enough to have that but it took me awhile to create the space for my ideal relationship. I needed to learn what I wanted to feel as a partner, from my partner and from the relationship.  I did that by learning to remove the beliefs and pains of the past and understand that all relationships have ups and downs.  WE needed to learn how to face those struggles together.  I offer Couples Coaching to couples who are ready and willing to learn about each other, about themselves and about the life they truly want together.

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Spiritual Teaching

This entire journey of being an entrepreneur, life coach and spiritual teacher started when I awakened myself to a higher level of awareness. I always knew I was meant for more, that there was something missing in my life. It wasn't until I saw my first Spiritual Medium, my ray of Sunshine, that I was able to see where life was leading me.  I was meant to help others awaken themselves to the potential life that their own Spiritual Gifts & Abilities can bring to them.  Let me show you how in the Spiritual Empowerment Trinity.

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