Life Intro


3 One Hour Life Coaching Package

Feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, stressed, lost or confused?  Remove some of the struggle and overwhelm by getting clear on your current struggle! Relief is at your fingertips.

Life Clarity


One Month Life Coaching Package

Get clear on the struggles you are facing, how your past is impacting your present and what you can do moving forward.

Life Healing


3 Month Life Coaching Package

Heal the negative thoughts, emotions, experiences and beliefs you are holding that are stopping you from creating a life that you love.

Life Future


6 Month Life Coaching Package

Create an action plan for when life's struggles rear their ugly heads.  Giving you the freedom to plan a better, brighter future knowing you can overcome anything.


We all experience negativity, but do you know how to change it?

Negativity is a part of life, we all struggle at one time or another. But many times we don't know what is causing our negativity, our unhappiness, our inability to move forward.  I help my clients change their negativity into a positive by learning what caused it, the strength that it brings and the growth that can be gained from it.  Whether the negativity is teaching you how to persevere, stand up for yourself, or live life on your terms, you deserve to know how to change your negativity into a positive.

What is Freedom?

Freedom from our beliefs, freedom from the beliefs of others, freedom from circumstance, negativity and so much more.  But, what is freedom?  Freedom is being able to live and love your life.  It's being able to be, think, act or go where you want.  It's the freedom to create happy, healthy, lasting relationships with not only yourself but with others.  What freedom are you yearning for?



The inspiration I receive from Melissa every time I listen to her talk has given me the ability to forgive and appreciate the things in my own life I have been given! Keep doing what your doing Melissa because you are making a difference.


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Book a FREE Clarity Session with me today.  Clarity Sessions are a free 30 minute tool designed to give you maximum clarity and insight into your current struggles and the next steps you can take.