Welcome to the Spiritual Empowerment Trinity series

Spiritual Intro


3 One Hour Spiritual Teaching Sessions

Spiritual Journeys can feel lonely, overwhelming and confusing especially in the midst of transformation. Spiritual Intro gives you relief by helping you get clear on your current struggles.

Spiritual Awakenings

Regular Email Course $49

VIP Email Course $125 (includes 1 one on one session)

Learn about Spiritual Awakenings, Spiritual Journeys, the Clairs, the 5 Spiritual Gifts & Abilities, including which ones you possess.  This email course will take you through all the steps to determining if you are a Psychic, Intuitive, Empath, Healer or Medium.  Upgrade the course to include a one on one session with me to confirm your gifts, gain clarity on your fears and discuss your next steps.

Free 3 Card Intuitive Reading when you sign up for the Regular Email Course. ($50 value)

Free 7 Card Intuitive Reading when you sign up for the VIP Email Course. ($75 value)

Spiritual You

25 Module Course

Regular $497

VIP $697 (includes 3 one on one sessions)

Are you interested in crystals, Chakras, meditation, divination, rituals, protections, etc.? I created this course to provide you with information on all these topics and so many more.  You will receive modules on more than 25 Spiritual tools, techniques, practices and rituals.  Upgrade this course and receive 3 one on one sessions with me to gain clarity, insight and confirmation on the most burning questions you have about your own Spirituality.

Coming soon.

Spiritually Aligned Life


3 Month Spiritual Coaching Package

Now that you know what your Spiritual Gifts & Abilities are and what tools and techniques you want to use, it's time to create a plan to use your gifts moving forward.  In this package we work one on one to identify any healing you may need, recreate any unaligned beliefs you may be holding and make an action plan to create an amazing future using your own Spiritual practices.  Want to become a professional healer, medium, psychic, etc., do you know where to start, what beliefs may be stopping you and what it all looks like?

Book your Clarity Session today to get started, link below.


My Own Spiritual Journey

As most of you, I had events, hints and situations throughout my life that pointed me towards having Spiritual Gifts & Abilities.  I experienced a traumatic event with them when I was just 12 and shut them off because of fear.  I watched movies, listened to friends and family and was always taught Psychics, Mediums, etc., were evil, wrong, frauds.  I had to work through those beliefs to truly awaken myself to my own possibilities and I did that with the help of my own mentors.

Now I help others find the balance.

Finding the balance between the beliefs of others and your own beliefs can be hard. We are taught through experiences, teachers, parents and friends.  When we experience unhappiness, fear and confusion in our Spiritual Awakening it can be overwhelming.  I help my clients find the balance so that they can recreate their beliefs as their own, so that they can embrace the things about themselves they yearn to learn and move forward with confidence and love.



I feel a real connection with Melissa.  I joined Melissa's Facebook Group and I came across her Spiritual Gifts & Abilities presentation. I was reading all the feelings she was describing, loneliness, self-doubt, uncertainty, fear and overwhelm and it really hit home for me. I was run over with emotions, so much so, I will be taking this amazing lady's courses.  So that I may understand and awaken more of my gifts and abilities.

Jackie de Mille

Take The First Step...

Book a FREE Clarity Session with me today.  Clarity Sessions are a free 30 minute tool designed to give you maximum clarity and insight into your current struggles and the next steps you can take.