Life Coaching

Give yourself the freedom to heal where you've been, love where you are and get excited about where you are going.

Taking you on a journey through healing your negative experiences, traumas and thoughts, learning how to maneuver through life's struggles and planning for a brighter future.

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Couples Coaching

Would you like to get your relationship back to a loving place?

Helping you to remove the struggles you are facing in your relationship by understanding what they mean for each of you, while making sure you are being heard and receiving the things you truly need.

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Intuitive Creations

Would you enjoy some shiny, healing crystal jewelry? How about a custom fabric bag for your cards or crystals? Take a look around my Intuitive shop to see if there is something that is just for you.

My Intuitive Creations are created individually by me with love, guidance and maximum energetic healing.

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Introducing the all new Directory.  Here you will find other Coaches, Mediums, Healers, Psychics and much more.  I want to make sure that you have the individuals available to you that you need.  Whether you are looking for a Health Coach, Intuitive Reader, etc., you will find them all here.

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Everyone Has A Dream

Everyone has a dream of what they truly want. This may not be what you have but it is what you yearn for.

What do you feel stops you from achieving this dream? Is it lack of finances, understanding, drive or do you just not know how to make your dream a reality?

Is your dream about the ideal partner, business, family, friendships, finances?

All of your dreams are your own and I bet along the way, if you haven't already achieved your dreams, it's because you do not believe they are possible. You may feel like you don't have the freedom, the desire or that you don't deserve to be happy in the ways you want.

I am here to tell you that the only person who can make or break your dreams is you.  Remove the beliefs that are holding you back.  Remove the expectations and denials of others.

Give yourself the gift of freedom to choose the dreams that you want to make a reality of your life.



You help find the calm amidst the chaos; make disconnected anomalies into a connect-the dots picture. You take a dark tunnel and turn the light on so other's can more easily find their way. You help find the silver lining in the cloud...  You helped me take a shit storm of random thoughts and beliefs and lay them all out for a closer look, tossing out that which doesn't serve me and replacing it all with an positive, organized plan that helps me become my best version of me... When you can spend 30 min with someone you've never met, and they understand your journey - where you've been, where you are, where your going - it can be an uncomfortable and daunting experience. My call with Melissa was anything but. We may as well have been having a chat over coffee at the kitchen table, catching up on old times. She was warm, understanding, supportive and empathetic. Non-judgmental.  Melissa was able to take seemingly random incidents sprinkled over years of living, stitch them all together, and weave a pattern of personal discovery.  It was a free, 30 minute call that help me plant my feet firmly and look forward to next steps. I'd recommend her get-real, uplifting guidance for anyone needing clarity in their life.


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