Melissa Krechler

The Negative Mindset Coach

Empowering you to face your negativity head on to shift the emotions, beliefs and experiences keeping you stuck so that you can create positive growth in every area of your life!

Private Coaching

Private coaching is designed to give you maximum freedom to express yourself and receive individualized attention on the issues that are the most vital to you without feeling like your privacy is at risk!

Group Coaching

Group coaching gives you the opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar thoughts, emotions and situations.  This opens a higher level of dialogue in a safe, welcoming and private environment.

Negativity In You

The most damaging relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. When you hold negative beliefs, thoughts or emotions about yourself, you will show it in your every day life. In order to create a positive relationship with yourself you must face, learn, heal and grow from the negative beliefs you hold onto.

Negativity In Your Relationship

Your past relationships can create negative emotions, beliefs, expectations and fears that you carry into your future relationships. This negativity will create struggles, patterns and heartache. In order to create a strong, happy and healthy relationship you must face, learn, heal and grow from the negative beliefs you hold about relationships.

Negativity In Your Mindset

When you have negativity in your mindset you will think, believe, react or act in a way that reflects the negativity.  This is when you start to make choices that hurt others and yourself to create even more negative experiences and emotions.  Learning how to face your negative beliefs and shift them so that you can create happy, healthy relationships starting with you is the key.

Negativity In Your Expression

Feeling like you have the ability to express your truest thoughts, feelings and desires in your everyday life is a freedom like no other.  When you feel that you are incapable of expressing how you feel, your beliefs and your opinions it will create more negativity such as resentment and disdain for the people and things in your life you love the most. When you have the confidence to express yourself you can create a happiness in life that is unmatched!

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is taking someone on a safe journey through the various situations, struggles, emotions and beliefs that are causing them pain and unhappiness and giving them the tools, techniques and knowledge to learn, heal and grow so that they can confidently create the change in their life that they desire!

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for men and women who are stuck, confused, lost and unsure about how to heal the negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and situations they find themselves in. It is for the men and women who are ready and willing to put in the effort and time to understand how they can change their lives!

What is The Process Like?

The coaching process takes you through a series of targeted discussions, questions, training and worksheets that are designed to bring you clarity, focus and healing so that you can feel empowered to make the necessary changes to your mindset, beliefs, emotions and actions in order to create the life, relationship and business you desire!

1. How long does coaching take?

The length of coaching depends on your level of awareness, how far you are already and the areas you require coaching in. Both private and group coaching are set into specific time frames there may be more or less coaching needed depending on your own progress

2. Is coaching a private process?

With private coaching it is absolutely a one on one experience and nothing within or outside of the sessions is at risk of being shared with anyone else. Client privacy is of the utmost importance. In group coaching there is a level of privacy but it is still in a group setting and privacy is not guaranteed as the actions of the other participants can not be controlled.  There is the option of receiving the group coaching without sharing your name, photo, specific circumstances or being involved in the group sessions.

3. What is the difference in access to coaching for group and private?

The access in group coaching is unlimited in the group for the duration of the program.  

The access in private coaching is unlimited messaging with a designated number of one hour sessions.

4. What are the key differences between private and group coaching?

Private Coaching:

Complete privacy, one on one access to the coach, individualized discussions, solutions and planning, done via zoom, email and/or messaging applications, speciaized content specific to the coachee’s situations, beliefs and needs.

Group Coaching:

Private group setting, input and access to the opinions and situations of others in similar situations, alternate perspectives, a variety of questions and discussions, detailed training outlines that are generalized to the program’s desired outcome.

5. Why coaching over another more qualified profession?

Many professions that work with mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual issues have strict limitations that do not allow for the connection or discussion that a coach and coachee can express.  With coaching you are given a safe, non-judgmental, private space that has many different avenues available to assist in the healing of the coachee’s issues. While all avenues of assistance is beneficial to someone in need there is a different level of openess in coaching that is not found in other professions.

Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs are designed to assist you with one specific outcome that you are looking to achieve in your relationship with yourself, your life or your partner.  Below is the current available Group Coaching Program.


Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential Bootcamp

Are you consistently inconsistent and flip flopping around in your messaging confusing yourself and your audience because no matter how inspired you feel it never lasts long enough to make a difference?

Are you always trying the newest things because you want to fit in and follow the success of everyone else instead of stepping into your own purpose and making waves because you are afraid of being rejected?

Are you fighting doing the things you want to do and using the wording you want to use that you feel 100% embodies the purpose of your business because it isn’t “mainstream” or “socially acceptable”?

Are you not seeing any progress, very little engagement and barely any income in your business and you are sick and tired of feeling like there is something wrong with you or that you are missing something vital that will change it all?

Welcome to the Unlock Your Potential Bootcamp!

This 4-week program is going to help you:

Reconnect to who you are and what you want so that you can feel powerful and confident with yourself without comparing yourself to anyone!

Bust apart the negative beliefs, emotions and fears keeping you stuck so that you can create your own rock-solid boss mindset!

Get crystal clear on your own exceptional and unique purpose so that you can start creating the progress you are so overdue for!

Confidently step into your purpose so that you can unlock your potential, making all your dreams come true!

$397 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $150

VIP $597 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $225

4 weekly training videos
2 group coaching calls
Private Facebook Group
Lifetime Access

2 private one hour sessions
1 specialized next steps outline

Doors Close April 5, 2020
Classes Begin April 13, 2020

Don’t spend years trying to perfect something your mindset won’t let you embrace! It’s time to Unlock Your Potential NOW!

Private Coaching Packages

All coaching packages are designed to give you the opportunity to face your negative emotions, beliefs and experiences in a safe, non-judgmental, professional space so that you can create maximum healing and change!


2 Week Coaching Package

This is ideal for a coachee who wants to work on one specific outcome or goal and has already done majority of the work.

Alternatively this is also ideal for a coachee who is new to coaching and wants to test the coaching waters.

More Details

This coaching package is designed to work on one specific negative belief, emotion or situation that a coachee needs to heal and shift in order to create a healthy relationship with themselves, their life or their partner.

The coachee will receive 2 one hour video Zoom calls and unlimited email and or messaging access Monday – Friday.


4 Week Coaching Package

This is ideal for a coachee who wants to work towards two or three specific outcomes or goals and has identified those goals.

More Details

This coaching package is designed to work on two to three specific negative beliefs, emotions or situations that a coachee needs to heal and shift in order to create a healthy relationship with themselves, their life or their partner.

The coachee will receive 4 one hour video Zoom calls and unlimited email and or messaging access Monday – Friday.


8 Week Coaching Package

This is ideal for a coachee who wants to work towards changing their lives and has no idea of the issue, the outcome or the goal.

More Details

This coaching package is designed to work on helping the coachee identify the negative issues, the positive solutions and their own desires with themselves, their life or their relationship.

The coachee will receive 8 one hour video Zoom calls and unlimited email and or messaging access Monday – Friday.


About Me

I am a woman who is passionate about breaking the cycle of unhappiness so many of us face. Negativity like taxes is a guarantee in life.

We believe as a society that when we think positive, be positive, live a life that others would envy we are living the dream and nothing can possibly be wrong.

I have seen the destruction of too many of the world’s most inspirational, talented, successful people because of negativity and it’s stigma.

Those amazing people lived through that negativity but because they were afraid, ashamed and unable to share that pain, the emotions, the feelings and fought the need to change, they lost who they were.

They turned to abusing drugs, alcohol and sex, felt the drowning effects of panic, anxiety and depression and felt so isolated and shamed some even took their own lives.

I want you all to know that there is hope, there is a way to change your life so that you can reconnect to yourself, remove and heal the pain and learn to express your emotions, beliefs and desires so that the love of life you so desperately crave can be yours to create!


Working with Melissa has been a blessing.  She is welcoming, professional and very open.  She easily identifies what direction you need to be going in.  Truly an amazing coach.  Great for people looking for direction and peace in their lives.

“Melissa is very knowledgeable – easy to understand – patient – very helpful and if you are looking to find more positivity in your life this is the person you need to connect with.

You help find the calm amidst the chaos; make disconnected anomalies into a connect-the dots picture. You take a dark tunnel and turn the light on so other’s can more easily find their way. You help find the silver lining in the cloud…  You helped me take a shit storm of random thoughts and beliefs and lay them all out for a closer look, tossing out that which doesn’t serve me and replacing it all with a positive, organized plan that helps me become my best version of me… When you can spend 30 mins with someone you’ve never met, and they understand your journey – where you’ve been, where you are, where your going – it can be an uncomfortable and daunting experience. My call with Melissa was anything but. We may as well have been having a chat over coffee at the kitchen table, catching up on old times. She was warm, understanding, supportive and empathetic. Non-judgmental.  Melissa was able to take seemingly random incidents sprinkled over years of living, stitch them all together, and weave a pattern of personal discovery.  It was a call that helped me plant my feet firmly and look forward to the next steps. I’d recommend her get-real, uplifting guidance for anyone needing clarity in their life.

The road to your happiness starts with you, take the first step today by reaching out!